Chilled Storage Environments


It is in the best interest of every core owner and custodian to maintain the integrity of conventional core material in as close to native-state conditions as possible. The preservation technique adopted for such core material cannot be compromised at the expense of vital data sets.

In situ saturations begin to deteriorate from the moment the core is pulled from the wellbore. Therefore, chilled preservation needs to be utilized and continued through long-term storage of the material. Through desiccation, the core undergoes visual and chemical changes, including: color changes, distortion of laminae, heaving of shales, microfracturing, loss of light-end hydrocarbons, and evaporation of water and salt precipitation.

Weatherford Core Storage operates within the same facilities as our lab, project managers, and technical advisors. The location of our Core Storage facilities allows for direct access into our labs and minimizes the time the core is exposed to the environment.

Desiccation of the core creates challenges in plug acquisition and the calculation and analysis of data sets, including: fluid saturations, porosity and permeability, geochemistry, capillary pressure, electrical properties, formation damage, and relative permeability. These data are used to understand rock quality and fabric, calibrate logs, identify completion zones, optimize completion fluids, identify bypassed pay, and ultimately book reserves and estimate EURs more accurately, which directly affect the economics of a field. Whether you are in the beginning phases of your core program or looking for long-term storage, Weatherford Laboratories offers multiple storage solutions suited to your analytical objectives.

Our people, like our state-of-the-art facilities, are responsible for the quality that has become synonymous with Weatherford Laboratories. 

We have over 19,000 square meters (204,500 ft2) of global storage managed by a team that specializes in core handling. It is our priority to protect your investment and maintain a consistent, temperature-controlled environment for the core to be stored. Our temperatures are monitored by NIST traceable thermometers on an hourly basis. CoreTrac, an internal project management software system, stores all project information in one dynamic database that is accessible to team members worldwide. The result is seamless communication and maximum operational efficiency over the life of every project.

Weatherford Laboratories Core Storage facilities are located alongside  our labs, so the temperature of your core will never be jeopardized.