Panorama as an Integrated Data Delivery Tool


Panorama is software created to deliver one or multiple data sets from laboratory analysis to you in an integrated, highly usable format. 

Panorama is a software package to help customers of Weatherford Laboratories and select other Weatherford services receive, visualize and analyze data rapidly and easily.  It is derived from our successful commercial Isologica software, which has additional features not available in Panorama.

The data is packaged into custom data files complete with appropriate visualization and interpretive plots.  If there are multiple data sets resulting from different analyses, the laboratory will package these data sets and align them on depth.  If there are images, they will be depth-assigned and ready to display in a variety of formats.  

With Panorama and the .PAN file data delivery, you will be looking at lab results in a whole new way.

Key Features:

  • Cross plots and interpretive plot templates where appropriate
  • Depth logs in one or multiple (tabbed) depth log windows, already set up on the correct scales and ready-to-navigate
  • Integration of multiple analysis results (where applicable) into one unified data set
  • Integration of laboratory images (where applicable) that are packaged and delivered with the data file.
  • Includes the ability to create new X-Y and Ternary style data plots
  • Ability to create new and modify existing log plots
  • Ability to combine data delivered by Weatherford with customer data in LAS format.


  • Panorama is an installed MS Windows application that you must first download, install, and register.  We have complete instructions for this here.
  • You must receive your data from the laboratory in the .pan file format.  Certain lab analyses include this data delivery format, and for some lab analyses this format has to be requested and may result in small additional charges.
  • You can only add limited new data on your own.  If you like Panorama and would like to add more of your own data, we recommend Isologica, our unlimited version commercially available.

Panorama allows you to focus on the data, not the format.  This significantly shortens the amount of time needed to determine basic trends and allows you to figure out the next step in your analysis much more quickly.