Express Lab


Weatherford Laboratories Express Lab enables faster and more-informed reservoir development decisions. Rapid organic geochemistry, mineralogy, and elemental composition are used to make informed drilling and completions decisions, maximize production, and provide more cost-effective and efficient completions.

Express Lab incorporates advanced technologies, each one designed to quantify a variety of formation attributes. These technologies—Source Rock Analyzer (SRA), X-ray diffraction (XRD), and X-ray fluorescence (XRF)—provide direct measurements of hydrocarbon content, rock mineralogy, brittleness, and enhanced wellbore positioning through the elemental data (chemostratigraphy).

Rock Solid Analysis

Core analysis will always provide the most extensive reservoir evaluation program, but budget constraints, wellbore conditions, and the time required for traditional lab analysis can limit the number of wells cored. Express Lab provides comprehensive measurements, relying on rock cuttings that come to the surface as natural by-products of the drilling process. The data from the cuttings analysis can also be integrated with that of the core to identify reservoir heterogeneities which exist between those key cored reference wells.

Quality Data 

Our team of experienced geoscientists provide quality data in a fraction of the time it takes for conventional laboratory analysis. You will receive beginning to end of project support and interpretation of your data by our technical advisors as well as a comprehensive final report to find the right solution for your challenges


  • Reservoir characterization

  • Improved drilling efficiency

  • Timely identification of most attractive intervals for hydrocarbon production and improving accuracy of lateral placement

  • Confirm zonal containment 

  • Timely identification of the more brittle zones and more ductile zones for more informed completions designs

For urgent solutions to completion plans and successful planning for exploration, Weatherford Laboratories Express Lab produces high quality data to facilitate enhanced completion designs through use of rapid TOC quantification, along with kerogen type and thermal maturity.

Weatherford Laboratories Express Lab Services specialize in customized solutions, targeting everything from formation evaluation and selection of landing zones for lateral placement to enhancing completion designs in regions with horizontal heterogeneity.

Quickly assessing reservoir potential from cuttings samples requires no downhole tools to provide accurate lithologic assessment.