Isologica GWISLink


Combining the Best of Two Products

Our customers like the robustness and battle-proven features of the GWIS database.  They also like the dynamic data exploration that is possible with Isologica.  

And our customers often asked "Why can't I have these two products connected"?  So we listened amd created the GWISLink connector.

This connector, a plugin to the Isologica software and new features in our GWIS 3.5 release, allows users to query the GWIS database from within Isologica, retrieving data directly which allows them to use advanced visualization and data drill down features. 


GWISLink combines the robustness of our geochemical database solution with the cutting-edge graphing and data analytics features of Isologica:

Key Features

  • Direct query of GWIS from within Isologica
  • User and Public saved Site/Sample searches
  • User and Public saved parameter sets
  • Instant preview of search results at the analytical table level

Data Query

Through the GWISLink feature, users can create and access saved searches to quickly retrieve sites and sample results. The search interface is modern and fast, allowing for quick retrieval of data you are looking for.

Field and Sample-Level Search


Parameter Selection with Sample Count Preview

The Weatherford Laboratories GWISLink module will accelerate your workflow by allowing modern, fast queries from within Isolgica against the GWIS database.