One Software, Many Uses


Isologica has the flexibility to be a valuable tool no matter what data, no matter what the application. 

With Isologica from Weatherford Laboratories, you can work with complex laboratory or high-science wellsite data in an entirely new way.  Beautiful interactive charts, full data drill-downs, completely integrated datasets and vibrant visualizations are all at your disposal.   Hours of Excel data manipulation, jumping between well logging or petrophysical applications and having too many open file folders to count? With Isologica, you will consider this workflow a thing of the past.  And, you’ll be seeing your data in an entirely new light.


  • Gas geochemistry
  • Mud gas log evaluation
  • Mineralogy (XRD) studies
  • Chemostratigraphy with XRF and ICP elemental data
  • Combined core and geochemistry investigation
  • Regional studies
  • Water chemistry
  • Oil-source correlation using oil compositional plots
  • Oil maturation investigation using biomarker plots
  • Display of core photograpy with routine core analysis data

Below, we’ve collected a series of example applications to give you a taste of what is possible with Isologica.  Something specific you’d like to see?  Don’t hesitate to ask!

Gas Isotopes From Mudlogs

This software was originally designed to help solve problems handling gas data, and it remains an ideal tool for this application.  Customizable logging functionality, combined with a comprehensive library of detailed plot templates make Isologica a powerhouse in the field.


Oil Chromatography Parameter Ratios

High-resolution GC analysis of oils requires the tedious extraction of key peak ratios from laboratory results, wich are usually reported in per-sample results.  Isologica can pre-process these file quickly to extract the ratios and peak values and can generate plots near instantaneously.  Oil workflows usually take large amounts of preparatory and data massaging time.  Take this wasted time back and use Isologica to create plots, maps and logs for oil data.

Dual Energy CT (DECT) Scan Data 

The ultra-high resolution Pe and Zeff measurements derived from a DECT scan are displayed as logs alongside the CT images and on interactive plots.  Isologica’s area selection features are used to tie the interpretive cross plots directly to the log data, delivering rapid visual interpretation and feature detection for this data type.


Core Analysis 

Integrating core slab photography alongside the results of Weatherford Laboratories conventional core analysis lets you easily and interactively compare the analytical results to the rocks they came from.  With dynamic cross plots and customizable well logging tools the software will always be suited to fit the requirements of your project.


Integrated Studies

Isologica’s powerful data loaders and data manipulation tools allow you to easily integrate and combine data from multiple labs and analysis streams.  After combining, plotting, selection, navigation and transformation tools allow you to easily visualize and interrogate your data.  These tools are reflected across all views of the data, and will give you a new understanding of your results.


Regional Studies

Isologica is a perfect match for our Data Subscription services, and when you purchase a package, you won’t just receive data, but also free access to Weatherford Laboratories’ proprietary viewer software.  Instantly begin interrogating your data, creating detailed well logs, and generating elegant visualizations. Isologica will let you jump right in, and you’ll going from data to decisions in record time.  Each project contains an entire basin of geochemical and XRD data, organized by well and delivered with interactive plots and logs.

Isologica is software to accelerate your laboratory data analysis workflows and to shorten the time from raw data to valuable insight.

Infinite Possibilities

Have a dataset you’d like to see in Isologica?  Just ask!  The software is compatible with nearly any kind of analytical data, and we’re always adding new types to our repertoire.  We’d love to be part of your solution!