Isologica Feature Overview


Isologica is software to help geoscientists turn data into E&P insight rapidly.

With Isologica in your toolbox, you’ll spend less time working for your data, and more time making your data work for you.

Whether visualizing mudgas isotopes together with conventional well logs, integrating rock properties from laboratory or wellsite XRD with organic richness data, or correlating regional oil chromatography and biomarker data from a database, Isologica lets you organize, visualize, and interpret your data quickly.

Explore our user-friendly suite of tools for data import, integration, visualization and analysis.

Key Features:

  • Data Loading & Management
  • Rich data plotting
  • Plot Templates
  • Extensive well log visualization
  • Interpretation & Analysis Tools
  • Workflow Accelerators


Key Advantages:

  • Integrate data from multiple sources
  • Plot data into subject-matter specific plots in record time
  • Generate presentation and report-ready output easily
  • Collaborate with colleagues 
  • Stop massaging data, start seeing key trends

Data Loading & Management

Powerful Data Importers

Accurately is a critical part to any workflow, and one of the biggest sources of potential error when using any piece of software. Isologica offers a number of tools to make the job straightforward and to reduce mistakes.  Isologica’s data loading suite is built to be flexible, efficient, and accurate.  We’ll be ready, no matter what you throw at it.

Flexible Data Types

Isologica can recognize and store a large variety of , and is easy to customize if you work with a data type that hasn’t been built in.  Each project can mix data from any number of sources, and gives you all the best tools to integrate disparate sets of data intelligently.

Data Management Made Easy

Isologica offers a comprehensive set of tools for managing your data and metadata.  Flexible merging tools let you combine datasets, with full control over options to reconcile the variations that crop up in data from different sources.  Simple data extraction tools let you import many pieces of data at once without limiting your options.

Graphics and Data Export

Every chart, plot, and diagram in Isologica can be exported in a variety of graphic formats, and the software features easy exporting to PDFs and PowerPoint files.  Flexible data output options allow you to easily export your data out of Isologica.

Project Portability

Isologica projects are self-contained and stored locally, which lets you take them on the road, use them offline, and easily share your plots and interpretations with coworkers or clients.

Depth Logs & Data Plots



With Isologica, you can create custom plots in a wide range of styles, including standard binary and ternary diagrams, as well as Chung plots, spider (radar) plots, parallel plots, and more. The software also comes with a large library of plot templates, which let you instantly create classification diagrams and interpretive charts based on your data.


Isologica includes a full-featured well logging module, which has been built to be intuitive, customizable, and easy to use.  Layouts and template make it easy to streamline your workflow, creating amazing results in minutes.

Image Viewers

Images can be batch imported into Isologica, letting you compare analytical results to core photos, thin sections, or any other types of depth referenced images you want to use with your dataset.  Customized viewers allow you to link image thumbnails directly into your well logs, bringing up high resolution versions on the fly.



Data Selection

One of Isologica’s most useful features, two-way data selection turns your plots and charts from visualization tools into powerful interpretation utilities.  Use data selection in both well logs and plots to quickly highlight areas of interest, and then use those selections in the rest of the software to understand the complex relationships in your data.

Intervals and Correlation

Interpret the data in your projects on the fly, building up a series of intervals for your wells.  Link intervals in multiple wells together using our built in correlation canvas to better understand the lateral changes of your data.

Data Navigator and Explorer

Isologica features a powerful data navigator, allowing you to use filters, data groups, and customizable transformations to drill down into your data.  Rapidly switch between transformations to get the most out of your interpretations.



Data Dictionary and Import Customization

Isologica comes prepackaged with a selection of commonly used data dictionaries – the definitions that teach the software how to recognize the data you import.  These prebuilt dictionaries are just the start, however.  Isologica learns as you work, and can help you easily create new dictionaries to load new types of data into the software.  For more advanced users, powerful data recognition patterns let you build extremely flexible dictionaries which can handle a wide array of data with ease.

Log Layout Templates

Using Isologica’s Selection Panel (Well Log) Layouts feature, you can quickly save, share, and load templates for use in your projects.  Flexible aliasing even means that your templates can be used even if using different sources and formats of data.

Plot Templates & Plot Worksheets

An enormous library of prebuilt plot templates comes packaged with Isologica.  These are plots, often with classification diagrams or other interpretive overlays baked right in and ready to drop into a project that contains the appropriate data.  Many of these plot templates can be created as a group using plot worksheets.

Key Aliases, Litho/Text Patterns & Interval Set Dictionaries

In an ideal world, all your data will have a consistent source and a consistent format, and importing all your data will always go smoothly.  But when things don’t work out perfectly, Isologica has you covered.