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CO2 Sequestration

The demand for CO2 sequestration in oil reservoirs, coal seams, and deep saline aquifers continues to grow.  Weatherford Laboratories is the science resource you want on your side as this environmental initiative expands in key areas around the world.

Our exemplary understanding of CO2 sequestration stems from the industry's strongest background in core analysis and laboratory testing.  It lets us offer significant assistance in determining how much CO2 can be stored in specified geological formations. In addition, our experience with large-scale composite core stacks results in accurate displacement testing, yielding lab models that closely represent the reservoirs being evaluated.

Weatherford Laboratories' people and processes quantify data to more precisely categorize subsurface structures and identify good primary and backup shale seals.  You get greater definition of a basin's sequestration potential and better assessments of a specific site's integrity and safety.

Weatherford Laboratories has conducted over 200 core displacement tests in the area of sequestration testing and evaluation, and has screened hundreds of reservoirs for acid gas injection.

Coal Bed Methane

When you have to accurately determine the volume of gas-in-place and gas recovery from a coal bed methane reservoir - and make informed production decisions - Weatherford Laboratories is the right analytical partner.

Our know-how ranges from sample collection and analysis to formation evaluation and reservoir engineering. Weatherford Laboratories experience includes over 800+ well studies in 30+ basins with 150+ clients over the past 15 years, more than 100 technical publications about coal bed methane analysis, and hundreds of industry presentations, underscoring our "frontier and emerging gas resource expertise."

Our ground-breaking focus on desorption work through canister experiments has paid off for CBM plays time after time.  Around the world, Weatherford Laboratories offers you comprehensive and integrated analyses, giving you the best possible understanding of how to produce your reservoir.

Coal bed gas production is under commercial development throughout North America, Europe, Australia, Southern Africa and China - which is why we're there too. We are the experienced analytical partner you're looking for.

With the largest sorption laboratory in the world, Weatherford Laboratories has been awarded over $25,000,000 in research and development work.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Weatherford Laboratories is the world leader in experience for complex gas injection, thermal operations and testing. Weatherford Laboratories operates the only commercial lab in the world with certified sour gas facilities. Our integrated capabilities lead the way in defining and comparing the validity and value of the complete suite of EOR strategies.

Precision analyses and scalable results help improve all your EOR requirements from steam flood performance while minimizing the corrosive impacts of H2S, to correct chemical selections and optimized gas injection schemes. They yield better understanding of your reservoir as well as optimized production options.  And because Weatherford Laboratories' in-depth experience includes a variety of plays in a range of reservoir types worldwide, we can apply our science and our technology to support you from the pore-scale to field-scale, wherever you are.

Higher Weatherford Laboratories standards of interpretation and integration with field processes improve the flexibility of your on-site, in situ solutions so that hydrocarbon recovery and revenue are enhanced to the greatest extent possible.


In addition to authoring dozens of technical publications in the area of EOR, Weatherford Laboratories has introduced unique processes, equipment and technologies such as aquathermolysis to the field.
Weatherford Laboratories has conducted numerous heavy oil studies on core and fluids from many local and international locations including: Canada, Venezuela, Oman, Turkey, Indonesia, United States, Mexico, Albania, Egypt and Brazil.

Heavy Oil and Bitumen-Rich Sands

Whether you produce by cold processes or thermal in situ production, or your reservoirs are either heavy oil carbonates or bitumen-rich sands, Weatherford Laboratories offers the widest range of evaluation testing in the industry. Steam assisted gravity drainage to cyclic steam stimulation or advancing technology like low and high temperature vapor extraction, the higher standards of Weatherford Laboratories offer you an unmatched advantage. You get outstanding evaluations, from relative permeability at elevated temperatures to crucial sand control and aquathermolysis testing.

Weatherford Laboratories' experience and standards also deliver data that is directly importable into numerical simulations.  So when your engineers are building models of what your reservoir looks like, and how it will perform, you have the data that better simulates reality.

But our studies take you beyond simulation, to a higher level of integration with field process. So you can avoid production problems and optimize recovery, reducing risk and expense worldwide.