Training Courses We Offer

We go beyond providing our clients with tools and services by offering a series of training programs to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from our comprehensive, integrated laboratory technologies and services.

These courses equip you with the technical knowledge and skills to sustain the performance improvements gained by using our technologies, products, and services. Each course includes basics on technology and operations, featuring case studies, lectures, and hands-on exercises.

Courses are taught by qualified product leaders and trainers, each of whom is experienced and well respected in his/her field. We also offer a range of lunch-and-learn sessions that are available upon request. Below is our comprehensive list of course offerings (please refer to our brochure for more details):

Training Courses

Geochemistry of lacustrine systems
Introductory geochemistry for shale-gas, condensate-rich shales and tight oil reservoirs
Applications of stable isotope geochemistry in the petroleum geosciences
Sedimentary geochemistry and biogeochemistry: A guide to interpreting organic rich mudstones, their solid-phase components and organic carbon preservation
Geochemistry: the effects of contamination of lab derived data

Training Courses

Hands-on lab tour – The life of a plug

Training Courses

Routine & special core analysis on conventional core
Integrating data from source-rock and reservoir fluid samples to evaluate shale-oil and gas-shale resources across the E&P life cycle
Using rock and fluid samples to evaluate gas-shaleand shale-oil reservoirs
Shale gas reservoir assessment
Overview of coalbed methane reservoirs
Unconventional Reservoir Training 

Training Courses

Shale gas reservoir and conventional core assessment
Geochemistry: tools for effective exploration and development
Geochemical techniques for solving reservoir management and field development problems