Comprehensive Data Packages


Prospecting just got easier and more accurate. Comprehensive data packages for U.S. petroleum basins.

Weatherford Laboratories has assembled comprehensive data on 42 U.S. shale basins, encompassing some 2000 wells and over 25,000 samples. These packages screen each basin by county and region for thermal maturity, organic richness and mineralogy - and more basins are being added. You can find detail by clicking here or by clicking the image below.

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Instant Availability

Unlike other regional studies that take months or years to complete, our data packages are available now. What's more, there is no required contribution on your part, so your proprietary information stays secret.

Assess acreage with hydrocarbon potential

Get up to speed quickly on an area. Become an expert overnight on a prospective play. Explore the possibilities without buying a lease, drilling a well, or taking time to test samples.

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Assess the migration of oil and gas in acreage with hydrocarbon potential before acquiring new leases