Onsite Sampling and Preservation


Detailed data from in-situ fluids are a critical input to successful reservoir modeling.  Weatherford Laboratories offers onsite solutions to help ensure optimal sample quality, and therefore the most accurate fluid data possible.

There is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" solution in the oil field. This is never more true than analyzing core samples. We recognize this and work with our clients to understand not only what the goals of a particular project are, but also what techniques apply best to the basic properties of the reservoir being sampled.

We have pioneered process, techniques, and equipment to quickly and efficiently allow for sampling and preservation of cores on location. 

Our onsite services include acquiring plug samples from conventional cores in any required orientation. We utilize a variety of drilling fluids to ensure that the samples are structurally intact and the fluid properties are unaltered. Weatherford Laboratories is also the industry leader in applying fluid-retention practices to unconventional shale plays.

Available Wellsite Sampling:

  • Cuttings Sampling

  • Bottom Hole Fluid Sampling

  • Wireline Formation Sampling

  • Separator, Wellhead & Flowline Sampling

  • Isokinetic Sampling

  • Sample Cylinders

The Weatherford Laboratories onsite sampling staff have extensive knowledge, training, and experience to help you obtain the most accurate data possible. Onsite sampling and preservation are the first critical steps to a successful analytical program. When millions of dollars are riding on data being accurate, Weatherford Labs delivers.

True formation fluids, as opposed to invasion, can equal millions of dollars.

Weatherford Laboratories employs various fluid-appropriate techniques to trace the drilling mud. If you need to quantify what percentage of your oils exist in your reservoir, we can give you that answer.

All of our field practices are designed with one goal in mind: giving you the best possible data for your investment.