Wellsite Pressure Core Handling


Weatherford Laboratories' whole core and sidewall pressure core analysis ensures the most accurate results for reserve estimates and a better understanding of reservoir quality and characteristics. 

Utilizing pressure core in combination with the appropriate core analytical program will ensure the most accurate oil-in-place (OIP), gas-in-place (GIP), gas/oil ratio (GOR), and condensate/gas ratio (CGR) needed for reservoir evaluation and resource assessment. 

Pressure cores are sealed downhole so no fluids are lost during core retrieval.

Pressure cores, once at surface, may be degassed at the wellsite or at the laboratory depending on the type of pressure core system used. Once fully degassed the core is subjected to a suite a analyses approprioate for the type of play and the objectives of our clients. For core collected in dry gas plays, total material balance of hydrocarbons-in-place is readily determined from pressure core volumetric analysis. For cores collected in liquid-rich plays, all collected free fluids within the pressure core tools and the core itself are subjected to a suite of geochemical analyses that are utilized to quantify the total volume of oil within the tested cored interval. These data are required to evaluate accurate material balance of hydrocarbons-in-place in these types of plays.

Pressure Core Measurement System (PCMS)

Our Pressure Core Measurement System (PCMS) and our multi-stage depressurization system are designed to safely and effectively depressurize several types of coring vendor pressure core tools while measuring data required for accurate gas content analysis. While degassing the pressure core tools gas samples are collected for composition and isotopic analyses, which are helpful in understanding how gas and isotopic compositions fractionate with degassed volumes. After depressurization is complete all trapped fluids within the pressure core tools and our surface equipment are collected for additional analyses. 

Primary benefits of pressure core analysis:

  • Zero loss of in-situ fluids from the core during trip to surface.
  • Evaluation of the total gas fractionation during the depressurization process.
  • All free, adsorbed, and solution gas volumes are measured so there is no need to invoke any sort of modeling to determine a total gas content as with traditional canister gas content experiments.
  • Analysis of all collected fluids enables more reliable estimates of GIP, OIP, CGR, and GOR.

Bringing advanced pressure core evaluation techniques from the lab to the wellsite.