Fracture Analysis


Weatherford Laboratories offers a comprehensive examination and characterization of fractures within core samples.

Fractures can act as both a conduit as well as a barrier to hydrocarbon migration. Understanding the nature of fractured reservoir rocks is paramount to ensuring the largest return on investment for your wells. Weatherford Laboratories offers quantitative fracture analysis of the core, aimed at further understanding the parameters of your reservoir.

Visual Fracture Reconnaissance

Visual fracture reconnaissance surveys include documentation of the presence of both natural and induced fractures, mode of fracturing, mineralization within natural fractures, fracture density/depth profiles, fracture sketches for visual representation of fractures in the core, and a list of observations and recommendations for further analysis.

Detailed Fracture Description

Detailed fracture description deliverables include documentation of natural and induced fractures, measurements of natural fracture attributes, fracture density/depth profiles, fracture sketches for a visual representation of fractures in the core, analysis of fracture characteristics with supporting data plots and images, log plots of pertinent information, interpretation of relative timing of fracturing and structural history, and summary and discussion of the potential influence that observed fractures may have on reservoir characteristics. 

Fracture Attributes

Fracture attributes characterized during a detailed fracture description include:

  • Depth to the top and bottom of the fracture

  • Fracture height and width (aperture)

  • Fracture orientation (for oriented core or if an image log is supplied)

  • Composition of mineral-fill and visually estimated percentage of fill (fracture porosity)

  • Description of fracture-surface morphology, including the presence of mineralization

  • Slickensides/slickencrysts

  • Fracture spacing for intervals with multiple fractures

  • Intersection angle with other natural fracture and/or induced fractures if present

Fracture descriptions are combined with other analyses conducted either at Weatherford Laboratories or supplied by the client onto a single customizable core panel for easy data integration.