The objective of sedimentological studies is to appraise the size and shape of a reservoir. These appraisals give geometric context to laboratory measurements and ground-truth subsurface geophysics data.

Successful appraisals only come from experience in applying the scientific aspects of geology. Weatherford Laboratories offers an experienced team that will custom-tailor studies to help our clients understand and characterize their geological prospects. With these insights, our clients can substantially improve development decisions for each well or field as a whole.  

Detailed lithologic core descriptions aid spatial interpretation of study intervals.

Core descriptions, which are generally performed on polished slabbed core sections, record a wide range of sedimentary and diagenetic features and can be customized to document features pertinent to client needs. Data displays can be standard panels or utilize client-preferred software (e.g., Easy Core, WellCAD, or AppleCore). 

Our sedimentologists can perform studies anywhere, but results are optimized by state-of-the art preparation of the core samples at Weatherford Labs.

Conventional core provides a wealth of information about the reservoir, everything from a more precise location of the most prolific intervals to what kind of drilling, completion, and production challenges the operator might expect. In addition, detailed core descriptions are vital to ground truth well log data that will be used in further exploitation of the field.

Core descriptions typically include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Lithology, fabric and textures

  • Sedimentary structures

  • Color and hydrocarbon staining

  • Presence and types of fossils

  • Bioturbation and the presence of trace fossils

  • The presence and composition of cements and replacement minerals

  • Calibration of core data with log data to create petrofacies

  • Data for geologic and engineering production models

  • Analysis of porosity types and fractures and their location relative to the depositional environment

  • An evaluation of potential flow barriers and lateral reservoir continuity

Field-Scale/Multi-Well Reservoir Description

Weatherford Laboratories sedimentologists help the client acquire a full-field view of the reservoir’s production potential by taking information from a variety of sources, including:

  • Conventional core, rotary cores, and sidewall cores and cuttings

  • Flow unit/barrier analysis and reservoir zonation

  • Sequence stratigraphy and parasequence analysis


By incorporating information from core samples into reservoir models, for example, we can work with the operator to help understand important parameters such as reservoir quality and continuity. This extends from one well to multi-well core projects, which allows us to develop predictive depositional models that provide the operator with better insight into the location of untapped reservoir compartments, as well as a better prediction of the best drilling locations.