Express Lab Source Rock Analyzer (SRA)


Organic geochemical data play a critical role in designing an effective drilling and completions program.  Both lateral placement and engineered completions rely on accurate and timely evaluation of in-situ organic content to achieve minimal cost and maximum returns.

Not all TOC is good TOC. Total organic carbon (TOC), in conjunction with kerogen type and thermal maturity determined from the Weatherford Laboratories Source Rock Analyzer®, provides a fast and effective means of identifying sweet spots and ideal fracture stage placement.

Source Rock Analyzer (SRA) – Programmed Pyrolysis

Our proprietary Source Rock Analyzer offers insight into a reservoir’s expected hydrocarbon production. It can be used to provide organic geochemical parameters for a variety of applications. The Express Lab produces high quality data to facilitate enhanced completion designs through use of rapid TOC quantification, along with kerogen type and thermal maturity.

SRA Measurements:

Source Rock Characterization

  • Organic carbon content
  • ‚ÄčOil content
  • Remaining hydrocarbon – generation potential
  • Thermal maturity
  • ‚ÄčOrganic C02

Reservoir Rock Characterization

  • Oil yields
  • Viscosity and API prediction
  • Tar, bitumen, pyrobitumen content
  • Pay zone identification

Site Remediation Studies

  • Total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH)
  • Total organic carbon (TOC)

Weatherford Laboratories Express Lab Source Rock Analyzer minimizes drilling and completion costs by quickly identifying regions with high TOC and optimal thermal maturity to effectively land wells in an ideal zone.

Our integrated deliverable software platform Isologica® allows for the incorporation of multiple data sets from various sources—measurement while drilling (MWD), logging while drilling (LWD), and Laboratory Analysis—in an easy to interpret visual depth plot. In conjunction with Express Lab cuttings or core analysis, these data provide an unparalleled high-resolution view of the reservoir rocks.

Weatherford Laboratories Express Lab Services provide direct measurement of reservoir rocks in a rapid turnaround time to enhance both drilling and completion programs with critical, timely data.