Express Lab X-ray Diffraction (XRD)


Mineralogy plays a critical role in the way a reservoir responds to both drilling and completion designs.  An objective, quantitative mineralogy can assist drilling operations through better well placement while enhancing lateral completions by providing a deeper understanding of the physical properties of the reservoir.

Mineralogy information is critical in assessing the impact of drilling and production on a reservoir and vice versa.  The data acquired from XRD mineralogy makes it possible to predict the physical response of a section of reservoir to different stresses associated with drilling and completions, which is an invaluable resource for engineered completion designs.

Weatherford Laboratories’ X-ray diffraction (XRD) service is the industry standard for providing direct measurement of formation mineralogy through an analysis of rock cuttings.

High-quality data helps identify formation tops and compositional variations within the formation. Furthermore, the quantified mineralogy can be used to calculate a relative brittleness for each sample which aids in selecting the most appealing interval within a pay zone to land a lateral section and assists in understanding variations in mineralogy and rock mechanical behavior along the lateral to optimize completion and hydraulic design.


  • Direct measurement of mineralogy for accurate lithologic assessment and more informed stratigraphic correlations.

  • Optimize completions by identifying the most brittle interval which is most closely associated with the hydrocarbon bearing intervals.

  • Understanding of provenance, diagenetic history, porosity evolution, and reservoir quality,  as well as constraining log interpretations.

  • The quantification of total clay, pyrite, and anhydrite in both sandstones and carbonates aids in log interpretation, such as calculation of porosity and bound water.


Weatherford Laboratories Express Lab XRD minimizes completion costs by identifying more brittle zones ideal for fracturing and more ductile zones to potentially avoid when staging fractures and stimulations, making it an ideal tool in areas with high levels of vertical and horizontal heterogeneity.

Our integrated deliverable software platform Isologica® allows for the incorporation of multiple data sets from various sources—measurement while drilling (MWD), logging while drilling (LWD), and Laboratory Analysis—in an easy to interpret visual depth plot. In conjunction with Express Lab cuttings or core analysis, these data provide an unparalleled high-resolution view of the reservoir rocks.

Weatherford Laboratories Express Lab Services provide direct measurement of reservoir rocks in a rapid turnaround time to enhance both drilling and completion programs with critical, timely data.