High Precision Gas Composition Analyses


Gas composition analysis is a fast, inexpensive method to help characterize your gas resources and determine the likelihood of associated hydrocarbon liquids.

Gas composition, often coupled with gas isotope analysis, is commonly used to characterize reservoir charge, identify biogenic versus thermogenic gas and mixes, characterize thermal maturity of rocks that generated a thermogenic gas, and identify reservoir compartment boundaries. 

We provide high-precision analysis of mud gas, headspace gas, DST, and production gases.

Coupled with our very high-precision analyses of both carbon and hydrogen isotopes in C1  to C5 hydrocarbons, we can evaluate reservoir continuity, allocate production from multiple zones, identify well integrity problems, define reservoir seals, identify compartmentalization, and solve stray gas issues.

Weatherford Laboratories uses high-integrity containers such as our proprietary IsoJars™ and IsoTubes® to ensure high sample quality is retained from the well site to the laboratory.

The IsoTube Gas Sampling System was developed in response to sampling and shipping difficulties. IsoTubes are cheaper, more durable, easier to use, cheaper to ship, and retain higher sample quality in comparison to other containers.

Identified Components in Gas Composition Analysis

Mud Gas (Headspace gas from IsoJar, canned cuttings, SWC, gas bags, or IsoTubes)

  • Includes identification of C1-C5, C6+, CO2, CO, Ar+O2, N2, and H2

Extended Compositional Analysis of DST, Production Gases, Storage Fields, Stray Gases, and Dissolved Gases

  • Includes identification of C1-C5, C6+, CO2, CO, Ar, O2, N2, H2, and He


Standard gas composition plot after Haworth & Sellens, 1985, using Isotube-derived high-precision gas composition data.   Plot generated from plot template in IsologicaTM software.

In conjunction with the experience of Isotech Laboratories, Weatherford Laboratories provides high-quality gas composition and isotope analysis with superior service and expert staff.