Geochemical Analyses of Gases


Isotech and Weatherford Laboratories offer a global network of laboratories and highly experienced staff for the geochemical analyses of gas samples including reservoir gases, mud gases, cuttings and core-desorbed gases, as well as stray and landfill gases.

The fusion of Weatherford Laboratories and Isotech Laboratories creates an unsurpassed team of domain experts in gas geochemistry, able to offer a complete range of analytical services in this field.  Our combined services include precision measurement of gas composition, gas stable isotopes, and non-hydrocarbon gas components by utilizing a variety of GC and GCMS instruments and analytical procedures.  We also offer a complete portfolio of sampling products for sample capture, shipping, and preservation.

The combination of gas composition and gas isotope analysis can provide a wealth of information regarding our understanding of associated liquid hydrocarbon assets.

Gas composition, often coupled with gas isotope analysis, is commonly used to characterize reservoir charge, identify biogenic versus thermogenic gas and mixes, characterize thermal maturity of rocks that generated a thermogenic gas, and identify reservoir compartment boundaries.

High-integrity containers such as our proprietary IsoJars™ and IsoTubes® are essential assure high sample quality is retained from the well site to the laboratory.

Weatherford Laboratories/Isotech understands that providing customers with the best possible data begins with the best possible sampling containers. To address this need, Isotech developed the IsoTube®, IsoJar® IsoPak™, IsoTrap®, and IsoFlask®. We also offer other high-quality sampling products to assist our customers with the sampling process.

Analyzing formation-gas samples can characterize your gas resources and determine the likelihood of associated hydrocarbon liquids.