Isotope Sampling Products


From its origins in the field of geochemistry, stable isotope analysis has been applied to energy problems almost since its inception.  Isotech has helped shape that path by providing sampling containers that meet sampling requirements and deal with the realities of sampling in the field.

Isotech understands that providing customers with the best possible data begins with the best possible sampling containers, so we developed the IsoTube®, IsoJar® IsoPak™, IsoTrap®, and IsoFlask®. We also offer other high-quality sampling products to assist our customers with the sampling process. 

IsoTubes offer many advantages over other sampling containers

The IsoTube Gas Sampling System was developed in response to sampling and shipping difficulties we and our customers experienced. IsoTubes are now being used by hundreds of customers in at least 30 countries around the globe for the following reasons:

  • Durable and reliable

  • Rigid structure is far stronger than gas bags and less susceptible to leakage Long-term testing shows virtually no chemical or isotopic degradation of gases stored over 3 years

  • Preserves sample integrity

  • Each IsoTube is individually tested to ensure sample integrity

  • Easier, faster and less expensive to ship

  • Environment-friendly

  • IsoTubes are >99.9% recyclable

  • Can be used in the place of cylinders in many sampling situations (with the proper manifold)

Iso Tube Sampling Equipment

Many options are available when using our IsoTube gas sampling system. We have developed other products for a custom configuration making it easy for you to collect good, representative IsoTube samples.

  • IsoTube®

  • IsoTube®with RFID chip for use with IsoTube® AutoLoader™

  • IsoTube® AutoLoader™

  • IsoTube® Manual Gas Sampling Manifold

  • IsoTube® Wellhead Sampler

  • IsoTube®Septum Valve Fitting

IsoJar Drill Cuttings Sampling Container

For collecting drill cuttings that have traditionally been sampled into paint cans, we have developed the IsoJar, constructed of a durable, clear plastic. 

After extensive testing, we have found there is very little change in either the compositional or isotopic data of gases contained in these jars over time, since leakage compared to paint cans is drastically reduced.

IsoTrap H2S Sampling Device & Sampler

The H2S IsoTrap is designed to safely sample, and ship H2S-containing gases to our laboratory for precise H2S measurements (concentration, 34S isotopes) and to ultimately help detect the source of the H2S.  The preferred method for collecting H2S samples with an IsoTrap is to use our IsoTrap Sampler. 

This device was specifically designed for collecting samples from pressurized sources and to help regulate pressure and control flow through the IsoTrap. The design incorporates color coding to ensure the sample flows in the proper direction. Samples can then be returned to Isotech for isotopic analysis. No HAZMAT shipping is required!

Other Sampling Equipment

In addition to our popular IsoTube gas sampling system, we have developed other products to assist you in collecting samples of dissolved gases, water, solids, and other liquids. It is our objective at Isotech to do whatever we can to make it easy for you to collect good, representative samples.

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