Elemental Analysis


Weatherford Laboratories' extensive experience with various hydrocarbon types assures high-quality sulfur, CHONS, and nickel/vanadium analyses data are obtained.

The presence and concentration  of a variety of elements in a crude oil or asphaltene can provide insights into the type of kerogen that generated the oil.  Additionally, future economic decisions can be made based on the effects certain elements may have on the refining process.

Ascertain the nickel and vanadium weight percentage of an oil or asphaltene sample

The metals nickel and vanadium become complexed to porphyrins during diagensis.  The presence of these metals in a crude oil can reduce the economic value of an oil as these metals can poison cracking catalysts.  However, the ratio of nickel and vanadium concentrations can provide insights on the age of the reservoir and can also be used in oil-seep correlations as the concentrations are not subject to biodegradation.  

Evaluate the market value of a crude oil by determining sulfur weight percentage and determine its clasification as sour or sweet.

Critical economic decisions are made based on the quantity of sulfur in a crude oil sample.  High-quality sulfur data from Weatherford Laboratories assists in making those decisions. 

Determine the concentrations of elements CHONS of a crude oil, asphaltene, or kerogen to gain insights on kerogen type.

Measure the weight percentage of the elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur, to generate Van Krevelen diagrams to determine the kerogen type including the existence of type II or type IIS kerogen via S/C ratios.

Assess the purity of a kerogen isolate and accuracy of a sulfur weight percentage by quantifying the amount of pyrite.

Acid digestion of crushed rock samples followed by a float/sink of the remaining material is an ideal process for removing mineral matter when isolating kerogen.  However, pyrite is particularly resistent to these methods.  By accurately determining the iron content, the pyrite content can be calculated and the organic sulfur content determined.

Weatherford Laboratories' extensive experience as a full service geochemical laboratory assures high-quality data are obtained for all of our elemental analyses.