High-Resolution Gas Chromatography


Weatherford specializes in high-precision, high-resolution gas chromatography (GC), using proprietary sample preparation techniques and specialized processing software.

This analytical tool characterizes the oil composition and, through special data reduction processes, allows us to determine reservoir connectivity, allocate production from multizone completions, determine the source of spills, assess maturity and depositional environment of associated source rocks, and view subtle to abrupt changes in fluid composition during production. 

We provide full interpretation of results integrated with geology and engineering data.

In conventional reservoirs, high-resolution GC is highly effective in allocating production of hydrocarbon assets and reducing field management costs.

Weatherford Laboratories utilizes the latest in separation science and GC technology to offer highly reproducible, high-precision data.

In unconventional reservoirs, these data are used to assess fracture height and changes in fluid composition over time. The data are also used to minimize water contribution to the production streams and allocate production amounts from multizone completions.

Key components of fingerprinting through high-resolution GC

  • Normal Alkane Distribution of C4 – C42
  • Isoprenoids and Cycloparaffins and Unresolved Complex Mixture (UCM)
  • Select Aromatic Compounds
  • C7 Parameters
  • Mango Parameters
  • Thompson Parameters
  • Halpern Parameters
  • CPI (Carbon Preference Index)


Other high-resolution gas chromatography configurations available:

  • High Temperature Gas Chromatography C4 to C66

  • Thermal Extract Gas Chromatography

  • Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography

  • Chromatography of mud gas, headspace gas, production gas

Application & Data Examples

  • Normal Alkane Distribution of C4 – C42
High-resolution oil chromatogram displayed using the ChromEdgeâ„¢ PeakView software
  • Mango Parameters 
  • Thompson Parameters

  • Halpern Parameters

All plots above created using standard oil plot templates in the Isologica™ software

High-resolution GC is a cost-effective and highly useful tool for obtaining basic and in-depth information about petroleum charactistics, origin, and genetic relationship to other oils or extracts.