Sample Requirements for Geochemical Analyses


There are specific sample quantity requirements to yield optimal results for each geochemical laboratory procedure / analysis.

Please look below to find our sample requirements for each geochemical analysis type.



General Sample Requirements

Approximately 10 grams of sample is enough sample material for most analyses. However, 30 grams is preferred. Certain analyses require very little sample; for example, TOC and programmed pyrolysis analyses require only about 300 mg of sample. 

Vitrinite Reflectance Measurements

For vitrinite reflectance measurements, a larger sample amount is required, which is dependent on the organic richness of the sample generally 5 grams of sample is sufficient if the TOC is > 1.00%.

TOC, programmed pyrolysis, and vitrinite reflectance

TOC, programmed pyrolysis, and vitrinite reflectance - 10-30 grams. If rock extraction is planned, the aliquot of sample for vitrinite reflectance can be extracted prior to kerogen isolation. 

Thermal API Gravity, Viscosity and Composition

Thermal API gravity, viscosity, and composition analysis require about 2-3 grams of reservoir rock. 

Kinetic Analysis

Kinetic analysis: about 5 grams is needed, but for organic rich samples only 100-200 mg of sample is needed. 

Oil Analysis

Oil analysis such as fingerprinting and biomarker analysis require only about 5 ml of sample.

You providing us with the correct sample quantity assures that we can delivery high quality laboratory results with minimal delays.