Elemental Applications


Inorganic elemental geochemistry provides critical data on reservoir quality, depositional environment, and physical properties of a formation, and it can deliver high-resolution correlations independent of traditional stratigraphic methods. 

Elemental data can be applied to all play types and may be used to recognize provenance changes, diagenetic processes, and paleo-redox conditions. Analysis is done on cuttings or the core in a controlled laboratory environment using scientifically proven best methods of sample preparation that includes homogenization when multiple analyses are required.

Elemental analysis provides a robust data set that can be used to better understand and explore new basins and assist drilling operations with better well placements and enhanced lateral completions.

Weatherford Laboratories geoscientists have extensive experience in applying elemental data analysis to both conventional and unconventional plays worldwide. This experience provides you with an in-depth understanding of the mineralogical and geological implications of elemental variations to maximize production and reduce risks.

A fundamental understanding of the mineralogy of the rock at an elemental level can vastly improve the operator’s understanding of stratigraphy, depositional environment and the likelihood that hydrocarbon is present in economically viable quantities.


  • Chemostratigraphy afforded by XRF enhances and improves stratigraphic correlations

  • Leading to better understanding of reservoir extent, continuity and architecture

  • Crosscheck of stratigraphic models, which are routinely performed to verify maximum

  • Flooding surfaces, identify carbonate discontinuity surfaces and recognize provenance changes

  • Improved understanding of depositional environments

  • Calibration or validation of wireline elemental capture tools, used to calculate mineralogy by petrophysicists

  • Elemental analysis comlements a number of other analyses, including X-ray diffraction (XRD), thin sections, and organic geochemistry

Weatherford Laboratories elemental applications and chemostratigraphy service deliver direct measurement of the core and cuttings to develop high-resolution correlations, enhance understanding of the basin, and improve drilling and completion programs.