Field Emission Environmental SEM (FE-SEM)


Two-dimensional pore-scale imaging in unconventional rock types is accomplished using state-of-the-art environmental Field Emission SEM (FE-SEM), combined with the argon ion milling sample preparation technique.

Argon ion milling is used to create a debris-free surface prior to FE-SEM analysis on native state sample types. The environmental FE-SEM is then utilized to image pore types and mineral relationships at the nanometer scale. Integration of advanced mineral mapping capabilities provides a unique method for evaluating brittle and ductile mineral distributions. This allows for evaluation of porosity development and determination of optimal candidates for fracture stimulation.

FE-SEM Advantages:

  • Ability to image nanometer-sized pores in 2D

  • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) can provide element to mineral mapping including, but not limited to, ductile and brittle phase maps

  • Evaluation of porosity development, along with determination of optimal candidates for fracture stimulation

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