Geochemical Analyses of Oils, Extracts and Produced Liquids


We are domain experts in petroleum fluid geochemistry, able to offer a complete range of analytical services in this field.  Our services not only include the measurement of bulk chemical-physical properties such as API, viscosity, sulfur content, Ni/V and SARA etc., but also detailed molecular fingerprinting  technologies that include high resolution chromatography, biomarker analysis by GCMS, and compound-specific isotope analysis. 

We have laboratories and highly experienced staff for the geochemical analyses of oils and gases using chromatography (GC), mass spectrometry (MS), and coupled GC-MS analyses.  These analyses can be performed on crude petroleum as well as petroleum extracts.  We are also experts on preparatory techniques - in many cases, fluids need to be extracted from samples prior to analysis, and our many years of experience enable us to choose the right preparation routine for your samples.

The results of our analyses are applied in many ways ranging from the simple assessment of oil quality, to basin wide characterization of oil-source rock correlations, to assessment of reservoir compartmentalization and production allocation.

Fluid geochemistry is the analysis of the composition and properties of oil and water associated with petroleum resources.

Most often, these samples are analyzed using various chromatography methods, which separate complex mixtures of fluids into their precise constituents. This provides both qualitative and quantitative data on the composition and nature of the fluids.

Weatherford Laboratories offers complete analytical and interpretive services in the field of fluid geochemistry.