Produced Solids


Produced material refers to any solid material taken from a wellbore or production line.   Solids produced from an existing well can indicate an immediate or potential problem that may affect the life of the well.  Identification and sizing of the solids collected during well production can show areas of concern before well production is interrupted.

Produced solids, both organic and inorganic, are an ever increasing problem for operators. All wells produce fluids (oil/gas/water) and clay-sized fines. Production of non-fines solids are an indication of complications. 

Weatherford Laboratories will investigate the problems by identifying the filtered or captured solids taken from your wellbore and help to solve:

  • What is it?

  • What size is it?

  • Does the material indicate possible well damage?

  • Any evidence of sand production?

Produced solids can be well contaminants, scales, failed mechanisms such as proppants or pack sands, or formation material.

Untreated, these solids will lead to:

  • production problems

  • equipment wear

  • clogging of the flow line


A well experienced a significant loss of production with a sudden increase in solids production. Elemental analysis using SEM and mineralogical analysis usind XRD identified the solids as iron-rich calcium carbonate. Cost of analysis was $1200. HCl acid with a chelating agent was recommended to remove the scale.