Recent advances in core-scanning technology have provided the necessary data to output basic reservoir volume models at extremely high resolution using non-destructive techniques.

Weatherford Laboratories Dual-Energy CT Scanning technologies are unmatched in the industry. Standard dual-energy scanning provides high-resolution cylindrical unwrapped images, lithology identification, Rhob, and Pef curves used to calibrate the downhole logs.

Beyond the standard deliverable, Weatherford Labs has developed proprietary mineral models by incorporating the Spectral Core Gamma and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) scanning on the centimeter scale.

By applying standard petrophysical calculations to the data acquired on the core, we provide our clients with a complete multimineral model (MMM) at a resolution unparalleled by standard logging suites. With the extreme level of heterogeneity seen in unconventional reservoirs, resolution can mean the difference between success and failure. Combining a calculated Brittleness Index, Bulk Mineralogy by Volume, and Calculated Kerogen Tracks provides greater insight into the reservoir on a scale that is meaningful enough to make informed decisions faster. 

New scans output high-resolution core logs that aid in the modeling of geologic formations and their mineral components and rock properties.