Routine Core Analysis


Rock and fluid samples are a direct representation of the formation. They are, in fact, the only downhole evidence that is not extrapolated by logs or models. Subjected to rigorous testing at Weatherford Laboratories, these samples can accurately describe the depositional environment, quantify reservoir quality, improve reservoir modeling, and provide accurate reserve estimates. 

Laboratory services play a pivotal role in reservoir completion strategies. With production success increasingly dependent upon what is known about a reservoir, laboratory analyses help quantify the unknown and reduce risk. The result is better wells, better recovery, and better overall economics.

Weatherford Laboratories has extensive experience in all areas of routine core analysis, with laboratories and staff located around the world.

At our laboratories, there is nothing routine about routine core analysis. We take a tailored approach to conventional testing, working closely with clients from project inception to develop the best analytical program to meet our client's objectives. In addition, we are renowned for building flexibility into the process.

We Offer A Complete Suite of Routine Core Analysis Services

  • Total Core Gamma
  • Spectral Core Gamma
  • Core Photography
  • Core Slabbing
  • Core Preservation
  • Plug Cutting
  • Plug Drilling
  • Plug Mounting
  • Miscible Extraction
  • Fluid Saturation by Dean Stark Method
  • Percussion Sidewall Core Analysis
  • Rotary Sidewall Core Analysis
  • Sidewall and Rotary Compilation Report
  • Laser Grain Size Analysis
  • Sieve Analysis
  • Permeability and Porosity at Net Confining Stress
  • Grain Density
  • Bulk Density
  • Salinity Analysis
  • Soxhlet Cleaning
  • Fast Track Analysis
  • Profile Permeability
  • Whole Core Analysis
  • Cleaning Studies
  • Permeability Studies
  • CT Scanning & Slab Orientation


Weatherford Laboratories plays a vital role in the exploration for oil and gas. We enable you to determine the prospects of conventional, unconventional, and deepwater plays with confidence.