Core Photography


Weatherford Laboratories employs the latest in photographic technology to capture the true color and physical characteristics of a drilled core, achieving the highest level of quality.

As one of the very first procedures performed as the core arrives at the lab, the photograph provides a long-term record of core condition and hydrocarbon content. It also plays a critical role in the determination of future testing, as qualitative information gained from the photograph enables quick decisions regarding future quantitative testing to be performed.

Photographing the core entails the use of the highest quality digital cameras under special lighting with setups specifically designed for capturing drilled core images.

The digital images are delivered to the client at the highest resolution, which allows the client to enlarge the image and view the smallest of features. Our photographs are routinely used by Sedimentologists for use when describing the core.

We offer a global network of photographers and staff who are trained in the nuances of core photography.

Weatherford Laboratories has 30 years of experience in the process of photographing all forms of drilled core, from full diameter to slab face and plugs. We understand rock types and how to treat the core surface to generate the most accurate representation of core samples.

Photography ensures accurate documentation of core condition and quality control for comparison of data with characteristics of core.