Routine Core Preparation


The initial steps in a routine core analysis program is the preparation of your samples. Properly prepared slabs, plugs, and sub-samples are essential for accurate analysis for completion decisions.

Weatherford Laboratories combines experienced personnel with proven techniques to provide one of the most comprehensive core analysis programs available.

Core handling procedures are essential for generating precise and accurate data.

At Weatherford Laboratories, the accuracy taken to extrude, measure, and mark the core is crucial. Temperature- and humidity-controlled extrusion rooms ensure that your core is handled in the best conditions to retain sample integrity. Total and spectral gamma enable clients to precisely correlate core depths and apply depth shifts if necessary. 

Core provides a window to view and evaluate your investment.

Weatherford Laboratories offers options to slab core dry or with fluids. Horizontal band saws are available for unconsolidated core that must remain frozen or remain sleeved for slabbing. Quality preparation of the slabs creates surfaces that are ready for core photography, core viewing, sample selection, and detailed examination of the core.

Laboratory analysis on the core is the best way to accurately perform analytical evaluation of target formations.

Weatherford Laboratories uses proven sample preparation and preservation techniques, along with years of experience, to ensure reliable results. Plugging and sampling of the core provide quality material for laboratory analysis. Samples are obtained by trained personnel using the appropriate lubricant to safeguard the integrity of the rock. Various preservation options are available for storage and future analysis of samples taken.

Quality samples are the foundation for quality  routine core analysis, which lead to the best possible data. This allows operators to make decisions that get returns on their investment.