Stable Isotope Analysis of Gases


Isotech is a world pioneer in isotopic gas analyses. We are continually adding new equipment and analyses, as well as sampling products to assist our clients in the oil and gas industry.

In recent years, it has been recognized that conducting isotopic analyses on gas samples collected at regular intervals during the drilling operation (also referred to as mudgas isotope logging) can greatly increase our understanding of the fluids encountered. Stable isotope concentrations in natural gases are the key to recognizing the origin of gases (biogenic or thermogenic) and their association with oils.

Isotech's name has become synonymous with quality mud gas data.

Isotech operates 14 IRMS machines around the world. We have a number of mass spectrometers in Weatherford Laboratories locations around the globe, which can arrange for isotopic analysis at locations that make sense for your global operations.  Carbon isotopic values can be determined for methane, ethane, propane, butanes, and pentanes of samples with sufficient concentrations of these components. Enrichment methods have been developed by Isotech that allows measurements down to 5 ppm for most hydrocarbon components. Deuterium isotopes can be measured for methane, ethane, and propane at sufficient high concentrations.

Isotech, a worldwide leader in isotopic analysis of mud gases, designed the IsoTube® to meet the sampling needs of the mud logger while providing a container suitable for isotopic analysis.

The IsoTube continues to be manufactured in the same facility that provides you the quality mud gas data you have come to expect from Isotech.                                              

  • Extremely durable and reliable, resulting in reduced sample loss

  • Can be used in the place of cylinders in many sampling situations (with the proper manifold)

  • Can be configured in line with the normal mud-logging equipment

  • Can be legally shipped on both passenger and cargo aircraft according to IATA regulations**

Isotech Laboratories is one of the few facilities that provides high precision offline analysis for production gases.

Offline preparation with dual-inlet analysis provides high-precision results required for gas fingerprinting. Stable isotopic analysis (13C/12C,2H/1H, and 15N/14N) of natural gas samples allows fingerprinting of gases for oil and gas exploration; reservoir characterization and production allocation; and identification of storage gas, pipeline leaks, and bacterial methane.  

Isotech now provides wellsite isotopic analysis! The IsoTech RT Pro can be deployed to the drillsite and provide results that can be used while drilling.

Isotech continues to develop cutting-edge technologies that will give geochemists the competitive advantage.  Isotech can now provide wellsite isotopic analysis for carbon isotopes of methane, ethane, and propane. The Isotech RT Pro can measure isotopic ratios on sample streams with concentrations as low as 200 ppm! 

Isotech scientists operate the Isotech RT Pro via internet and review/verify wellsite data generated by the instrument.