Dedicated Project Management Team


Weatherford Laboratories' Project Management team is your direct connection to the lab, helping you develop your analytical plan and drive analysis to completion ensuring you receive the answers you need, when you need them.  

Weatherford Laboratories’ understands how valuable your samples are and how critical the data obtained from them is to your program. Your dedicated Project Manager will be there for you through the life of your analytical program to help you get everything you need from your samples.

Your Project Manager is there to partner with you and help you get the answers you need through expert analysis and timely delivery.

Your Project Manager will help design an analytical program catered to your objectives, communicate those objectives and your testing preferences to the laboratories, keep you connected with your testing progress and the experts performing your tests, and ensure your program runs to your satisfaction.

Weatherford Laboratories' Project Management team does more. Our responsiveness and ownership shine through.

Our Project Management team offers a variety of experience and backgrounds and continuously trains on testing and new services. Your Project Manager will be your single point of contact through all phases of your program, connecting you to the centuries of industry experience within our network. Beyond solid management skills, we focus on superior, responsive customer service. Together, our Project Management team is the best in the industry.

Successful Project Management in this complex environment results from solid information management and thorough communication.

Weatherford Laboratories' proprietary Project Management system, CoreTrac, was designed for the core analysis industry and the laboratory environment to provide solid information management and communication. The Project Management team uses CoreTrac to document critical client and project information, disseminate and track testing details and procedures, manage program estimates and costs, and ensure program information security.  Coupled with Weatherford Labs' Inventory Management System, your Project Manager can track sample location and movement in real time. Our tools ensure your Project Manager is positioned to do the best job possible for you.

Our Project Management team strives to build analytical programs that maximize the data you collect on your samples, while paying close attention to only delivering data that meets your needs. We will be there to assist you with not only program updates, but also cost management support, logistics assistance, meeting and viewing facilitation, and various other information management requests. With our assistance, you can focus your attention on using your core analysis data instead of tracking it. 

Your Weatherford Laboratories' Project Manager is there to ensure you benefit from a testing program that is efficient and effective.  Our attention to your program allows you to focus on all of the other critical areas of your job.