Sample Storage


The true character of geological formations is revealed in rock, fluid and gas samples. They yield critical information whether you are prospecting for oil and gas or confirming development decisions. As such, their care and preservation are paramount.

 At Weatherford Laboratories, we have developed sophisticated systems to store, track and protect samples. As a result, you can review and reevaluate your materials time and again as new developments occur. Having instant Laboratory access and a round-the-clock inventory team may become extremely resourceful as you continue to make new discoveries every day. 

At Weatherford, Storage is more than just core on a shelf. We are a full Core Management system, led by a fully staffed inventory team using specifically engineered inventory management software.

At Weatherford, the protection of your core is our number one priority. We are committed to maintaining your core with premium core handling practices. It is our policy to protect the integrity of your investment, and do it with pride. Keeping your project at Weatherford will provide you with the peace of mind that your core couldn’t be in better care. To provide maximum safety for your samples, sophisticated data management systems, including bar coding options, are used to track movement of your materials. 

Here at Weatherford, we are committed to maintaining the integrity of your core as we are the global leader in core storage.  With 37 laboratories in 18 countries, we have storage solutions where you operate.

Our high pile racking system allows Weatherford to identify and allocate specific bin locations for your core to be stored for long periods, or pulled for viewing and sampling immediately upon request from our clients.Our dymamic options of preservation methods, allow our clients to fully customize their core storage plan. Sample inventories can also be made available via our secured client websites.

Weatherford Laboratories offers the opportunity to choose beyond Chiller & Ambient Storage.

Weatherford Laboratories has the right environment to protect your samples in perpetuity. Choose from ambient, air conditioned, chilled, freezer, and dry-ice storage at facilities around the globe. Whether it is short or long term, you have the abitlity to capitalize on our assets, to provide your project with the most specific enviorment elements.

Weatherford Laboratories provides management services for the full life cycle of the core. Starting with sample retrieval at the wellsite, through online laboratory test results delivered in real time, to long-term storage with bar coded tracking, you have 24/7/365 access to the status of your materials.