Conventional Core


Core analysis is a fundamental necessity in exploration and provides the framework for all other forms of formation evaluation; the ground truth is in the core. Of equal importance to the core measuremnts is the way in which the core is handled and processed, from the time it reaches the surface until the measurements are made. 

Weatherford Laboratories has developed innovative solutions for handling, stabilization, and preservation of conventional core.  Each job is unique and requires a different set of solutions based on your objectives for cutting a conventional core. Solutions range from wax preservation to onsite core plugging, mud tracer deployment, and refrigerated transport have the single goal of maintaining core integrity.  

Conventional Core Samples

The largest analytical programs can be designed using conventional core which provides the most accurate and reliable data available from the well.  Core data are used for generating and tuning reservoir models, calibrating logs, and identifying target and completion zones. Direct, rock-based measurements are exceedingly important in log calibration, especially when calculating reserves. Identifying bypassed pay and low resistivity pay or achieving more accurate log interpretations directly affects the bottom line by providing you with a better understanding of the subsurface and estimates of GIP/OOIP, optimizing completions for higher recovery factors, and maintaining higher levels of production throughout the life cycle of the well.   

The wealth of information available from a conventional core makes it the most accurate fundamental tool available for understanding oil and gas reservoirs.