Fluids Samples


Fluid samples include any liquid phase brought to the surface from the wellbore.  These fluids can include drilling mud, water, oil, and condensate.  Weatherford Laboratories is in the forefront of technology for fluid sampling and analysis.  

The most representative fluid samples are acquired via bottom hole sampling and are analyzed in the pressure, volume, temperature (PVT) lab. Weatherford Laboratories offers bottom-hole sampling and full PVT analysis of the captured fluid samples.  Separator samples can also be taken for follow-up recombination in the laboratory.  Any successful reservoir fluid analysis campaign hinges on the ability to collect sufficient volumes of high-quality, representative fluid samples.

Fluids Samples

Weatherford Laboratories collects samples throughout the life of a well because fluid analysis at different stages guides important decisions that optimize production and development planning. Geochemical studies on produced fluids offer a wide range of applications. Production allocation when producing from multiple zones, reservoir compartmentalization studies, and time-lapse geochemistry to evaluate changes in the production stream are all used to understand fluid behavior and to optimize production and well placement.  

Mud Sampling

Drilling mud cycled through the wellbore may come in contact with reservoir fluids and return those fluids to the surface. Regular mud sampling enables performing optional analyses. Crude oil or condensate can be extracted from the mud via centrifuge or organic solvent and can be analyzed by gas chromatography to evaluate oil quality and confirm oil shows. Reservoir fluids in the mud are less likely when drilling overbalanced; therefore, sampling of drilling mud should be used as needed, based on the drilling program.

Full-service fluid analysis has proven over the years to be a robust and comprehensive tool to understand the character of the produced hydrocarbons over time and to develop a field operations plan to optimize production.