Key Features of GWIS


"Where is my data?"

Is the only question you will never be asking when you use our geochemical database software.  

When it comes to the nuances of organic geochemistry data, GWIS enables you to ask all kinds of questions of your data except for the one above.  Through its data importer feature, it adds new laboratory data to the database semi-autonomously, stores it in an enterprise-grade Oracle database, and lets users query both numeric data and chromatographic data and chromatograms through a web-based interface.

With GWIS in your organization, the only questions you will ask are the ones that are worth asking of your data.  


GWIS is a geochemical database solution that allows the end-user access to the data anywhere in the world without the need for proprietary software.  These are just a few of its key features:

Key Features

  • Auto-import of new data
  • Oracle data warehouse
  • Web-based query interface
  • Ability to store, retrieve, and natively view chromatographic data
  • Multi-user access with central administration
  • Optional row-level security

Data Centralization & Remote Access

Remote personnel can access one master database instantaneously. No multiple copies of outdated geochemistry data floating around the company.

Secure centralized logins without worry about data walking away, supported by optional row-level security for especially sensitive projects or data.

Data Query 

Numerous search options based on sample, geographic, or geochemical information. New operator functionality and 'multi-search' increases query power.

Tabular, reports, allowing display of virtually all types of geochemical data. Users can create their own, or use standard reports.

Commonly used statistical measurements are automatically displayed in Tabular Reports.

Report saving capability for export of tabular or graphic information to MS products such as Excel and Word.

Chromatography-Specifc Search And Reporting Tools

Web PeakView tool - allows trace editing, peak integration, color-coding, and click 'n drag overlays of traces.

Data field definitions can be viewed at any stage of the query/report process.

Organize tabular report templates - Save report templates by user-created categories for easier retrieval.

Sample-Aware Reporting

Results from multiple runs of a single sample can be accommodated, QC'd, averaged, and saved to the database.

Optional GWISLink to Isologica Software

Leverage the best of two worlds with the GWISLink connector.  Secure, safe, centralized data storage of GWIS, and all the powerful data plotting, log rendering,  and analytical features of IsologicaTM.  

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The Weatherford Laboratories GWIS software will help your organization store, find, retrieve, display and extract greater value from organic geochemistry data across your organization.