Isologica Data Loading and Management


Data import and data management are two of the most important parts of any successful project.  Isologica provides you with a set of powerful tools to make loading your data a breeze, and gives you plenty of options to manage your data, even when working with a variety of disparate data types.





Powerful Data Importers

Accurately loading your data is a critical part to any workflow, and one of the biggest sources of potential error when using any piece of software. Isologica offers a number of tools to make the job straightforward and to reduce mistakes.  Isologica’s data loading suite is built to be flexible, efficient, and accurate.  We’ll be ready, no matter what you throw at it.

Easily Handle Different Data Sources

Flexible source loading options – the software natively handles Excel, CSV, and LAS files, with options for connecting to a number of common database systems.


Data Recognition from Native Formats

Advanced spreadsheet recognition automatically identifies the important parts of your input (the data!) and can be configured to exclude or include rows and columns of your choosing.

Powerful dictionaries and pattern matching focus on your column headers, automatically identifying the types data available and matching them with our own data keys.  Never again worry about transposed columns or different vendor naming conventions making your data management difficult.  Isologica has you covered.

Informative feedback and an interactive data loader give you the power, and with our tools you’ll always know exactly where each data identifier comes from, and can quickly identify any loading errors before they become a problem.


QC-Level Data Filtering During Import

On the fly QC filtering, data replacement (how did you want to display those values listed only as “Tr”, anyway?), and customizable formulas give you total control over the data, minimizing tedious editing in other programs.


Specialized Data Pre-Processor

Powerful, custom-built data pre-processors to handle even the most difficult import tasks.  Geochemistry preprocessors and mineral modelling are just two of the examples of preprocessors we’ve built to take your data to the next level.

The Chromatography data pre-processor, for example, takes the almost industry standard sample report for chromatography per-sample reports, scans, combines, and reformats these into rapidly importable data tables.

All together, these features are tuned towards giving you the utmost control of your data loading, while minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency.

Flexible Data Types

Isologica can recognize and store a large variety of different types of data, and is easy to customize if you work with a data type that hasn’t been built in.  Each project can mix data from any number of sources, and gives you all the best tools to integrate disparate sets of data intelligently.

  • Isologica comes built in with a wide array of data dictionaries, and is easy to expand and customize.

  • Every project can contain any number of different types of data, and contains powerful merging tools to help you tie your different data sets together.

Data Management Made Easy

Isologica offers a comprehensive set of tools for managing your data and metadata.  Flexible merging tools let you combine datasets, with full control over options to reconcile the variations that crop up in data from different sources.  Simple data extraction tools let you import many pieces of data at once without limiting your options.

  • Live editing of original data lets you easily make changes without having to start from scratch.
  • Intelligently merge data sets, even when dealing with variations in sample density and depth.
  • Use advanced merge tools to combine discrete and range data, applying properties from a data range to every included point of discrete data.
  • Associate metadata to your data tables, keying them for future reference.
  • Extract data from your imports, simplifying the import process and standardizing your results.

Graphics and Data Export

Every chart, plot, and diagram in Isologica can be exported in a variety of graphic formats, and the software features easy exporting to PDFs and PowerPoint files.  Flexible data output options allow you to easily export your data out of Isologica.

  • Easily generate raster and vector images from any graphic created in the software.

  • Batch export all the graphics in your project, either as individual images, or directly into a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Create large format, true-scale well logs, suitable for PDFs or printing.

  • Output your data in customized formats – seamlessly output raw data, derived values, selectors, or metadata.
  • Create files with flexible heading options, in XLS, CSV 
  • Export data in highly customizable LAS format.  Customize LAS headers and mnemonics as you go, or define reusable LAS export templates that can export data consistently from project to project.
  • Generate Perigon iPoint formatted data files for easy transfer of data

Project Portability

Isologica projects are self-contained and stored locally, which lets you take them on the road, use them offline, and easily share your plots and interpretations with coworkers or clients.

  • Local projects are self-contained, meaning they’re easy to back up and share with coworkers.
  • Offline usability lets you take the data with you.
  • Saved projects contain the complete configuration of the entire workspace when saved - this means the recipient of the data file will see the project exactly as you intended them to.