Isologica Workflow Accelerators


From customizable data import dictionaries to worksheets filled with prebuilt plots, Isologica gives you many options to streamline and accelerate your workflows.  Our tools let you get your data where it needs to be in record time.





Data Dictionary and Import Customization

Isologica comes prepackaged with a selection of commonly used data dictionaries – the definitions that teach the software how to recognize the data you import.  These prebuilt dictionaries are just the start, however.  Isologica learns as you work, and can help you easily create new dictionaries to load new types of data into the software.  For more advanced users, powerful data recognition patterns let you build extremely flexible dictionaries which can handle a wide array of data with ease.

  • Modular dictionaries let you tell Isologica which types of data you want to load.
  • Completely customizable recognition patterns let you quickly teach Isologica new data field definitions, and package them into your own dictionaries.
  • Manually assigning your data teaches Isologica to better recognize data, even when using existing dictionaries.
  • Automatic formula calculations, data filtering, and data replacement are all completely customizable, and can be configured to make your workflow as efficient as possible.


Log Layout Templates

Using Isologica’s Selection Panel (Well Log) Layouts feature, you can quickly save, share, and load templates for use in your projects.  Flexible aliasing even means that your templates can be used even if using different sources and formats of data.
  • Load, save, and export layouts with the click of a button
  • Synchronize layouts instantly across all the data tables in a project – even with multiple views.
  • Import layouts provided by other users, loaded directly from existing projects, or shared as a team library


Plot Templates & Plot Worksheets

An enormous library of prebuilt plot templates comes packaged with Isologica.  These are plots, often with classification diagrams or other interpretive overlays baked right in and ready to drop into a project that contains the appropriate data.  Many of these plot templates can be created as a group using plot worksheets.
  • Load one of Isologica’s existing plot worksheets to instantly put your data into an established context.
  • Built in plot worksheets contain sets of related plot templates, ready to use.
  • Create plot templates based on your own custom plots, to quickly reuse the same charts in your workflow.
  • Create custom plot worksheets to recreate entire groups of plots in just a few clicks, greatly accelerating your workflow.


Key Aliases, Litho/Text Patterns & Interval Set Dictionaries

In an ideal world, all your data will have a consistent source and a consistent format, and importing all your data will always go smoothly.  But when things don’t work out perfectly, Isologica has you covered. 
  • Key Aliasing lets you use your existing plots and log templates even when your data keys don’t match up quite right.  Don’t waste your time recreating your work – just tell Isologica about the alias and the software will take care of the rest.
  • Litho/Text Patterns ensure you can use a consistent color scheme when creating log layouts based on text data, giving your results a polished look.
  • Interval Set Dictionaries create a consistent palette to work with when interpreting your data, allowing you to create a set of intervals to work with across your projects, or even to share with other users.