Getting Panorama

We distribute the Panorama to all current (and past) Weatherford Laboratories customers.  Obtaining the software consists of three easy steps.  The links below will take you to the Panorama Support Portal.

  1. Downloading the software
  • ​The software is a Windows installed desktop application and must be downloaded first
  1. Installing the software
  • ​You do not have to have administrative rights on your PC to install, but if your organization has strict IT policies in place, you may need administrator help to install. Please check with your IT department if the installation is not successfu.
  1. Activating the software
  • ​In order to provide you with top-notch support and to make sure our intellectual property rights are maintained, we require registration of the software and acceptance of an End-User License Agrement (EULA) prior to your being able to use the software.

Note:  the above links take you to a separate web site.  Use of this website is governed by the same Privacy Policy and Terms of Use as the main Weatherford Laboratories page.