Panorama for Delivery of Integrated Data


Supercharge your data from Weatherford Laboratories with our high-value deliverables, receiving datasets already integrated and complete with interactive visualizations and a powerful analytical toolkit.

With Panorama from Weatherford Laboratories, we can deliver your data to you in an entirely new way.  Beautiful interactive charts, full data drill-downs, completely integrated datasets and vibrant visualizations.   Our team of scientists will deliver a data package custom built for your project, complete with the tools to make sure you can make the most of it.  You’ll be seeing your data in an entirely new light.



Key Features

Increased Efficiency – With Panorama and Weatherford Laboratories’ integrated deliverables, you’ll be quicker off the mark, receiving your data in a package custom built to get you making the important decisions, faster.

Interactive Visualizations – Your deliverable will come preloaded with a library of plots and charts, hand selected by our geologists to showcase your data.  With interactivity built right in, these visualizations will let you realize the full potential of your data, and will do it easier than ever before.

Integrated Analytical Tools – Panorama’s powerful data selection, navigation and transformation tools allow you to easily explore and interrogate your data.  These tools are reflected across all views of the data, and will give you a new understanding of your results.


Using the Panorama concept, Weatherford Laboratories provides the software at no charge to you.  Then, in addition to the normal deliverables, your data is delivered in our proprietary viewer file format (.pan).  That way, you get both the data in a high-value format and an analytical toolkit to get you started. 

Well Logging – With Panorama, your data deliverable comes along with a full-featured well logging module, which has been built to be intuitive, customizable, and easy to use.  Each well in your dataset will have its own well log, and may contain multiple views.  Use the prebuilt well logs provided by our labs, or customize the views to create a log that highlights the data you find most important. 

Plotting – Panorama features the tools to create detailed, interactive ternary and binary plots.  The software also comes with a large library of plot templates, which let you instantly create classification diagrams and interpretive charts based on your data.  You’ll receive pre-visualized cross plots, but you’ll also have the ability to create new plots as needed.  Multiple wells can be plotted on a single chart, making this a powerful tool for multiple-well projects.

Data Selection – Use data selection in both well logs and plots to quickly highlight areas of interest.  Samples in these highlighted areas can be shown in other visualization in the software, to help you gain an understanding of the complex relationships in your data.

Image Viewer – If your deliverable comes with images, it is easy to compare analytical results to core photos, thin sections, or any other types of depth referenced images you want to use with your dataset.  Customized viewers allow you to link image thumbnails directly into your well logs, bringing up high resolution versions on the fly and comparing them with associated analyses.


Data Navigator – Panorama features a powerful data navigator, allowing you to use filters, data groups, and customizable transformations to drill down into your data.  Rapidly switch between transformations to get the most out of your interpretations.

Statistics – Statistics can be calculated for any data set or selection.  Show regression lines, mean and standard deviation directly on your plots.

Graphics and Data Export – Every chart, plot, and diagram in Panorama can be exported in a variety of graphic formats, and the software features easy exporting to PDFs and PowerPoint files.  Flexible data output options allow you to easily export your data out of Panorama.