Panorama for Studies


Offering access to Weatherford Laboratories’ best in class data packages, in a delivery format tailored to get your project off the ground with lightning speed.

Panorama is a perfect match for our Data Subscription services, and when you purchase a package, you won’t just receive data, but also free access to Weatherford Laboratories’ proprietary viewer software.  Instantly begin interrogating your data, creating detailed well logs, and generating elegant visualizations. Panorama will let you jump right in, and you’ll going from data to decisions in record time. 

Key Features

Extensive Datasets – With analytical results from over fifty thousand samples in over forty different basins, the value of our datasets speak for themselves.  Combining that breadth of data with the software tools to effortlessly integrate and investigate the results, and it only gets better from there.

Integrated Visualizations – Panorama for Studies comes ready for action, with our extensive datasets preloaded with a suite of powerful well logs and plots.  All views of the data are linked, giving you the power to fully realize the potential of your subscription.

Interactive Tools – Panorama features interactive tools that let you go beyond merely seeing your data.  Advanced filters, data drill-downs, and fully customizable transformations let you explore your dataset like never before, with an ease you never thought possible.




Each Panorama for Studies file comes pre-loaded with an entire basin’s worth of geologic and geochemical data, including results from source rock and XRD analyses, as well as information on each of the samples and sampling sites.

The data in the project will be organized into discrete data tables, with one data table for each of the included sites, and an additional data table that represents the entire combined dataset for that basin.  Each of these data tables may be viewed independently in Panorama’s customizable well log viewer, or in combination with the rest of the datasets using the software’s extensive plotting tools.

Using Panorama’s powerful selection paradigm, you can quickly make connections between the logs and plots, fully leveraging the visualization.  Drill down either further with our data navigator, using filters, data groups, and customizable data transformations to rapidly turn your subscription into actionable observations.