Core Transport


Secure transport of cores from the field to the laboratory is critical to maintaining the integrity of the core and its analytical value. Weatherford Laboratories has developed various options that offer insulation, temperature control, GPS tracking, and shock monitoring for your valuable cargo.

Weatherford Laboratories personnel maintain custody of cores from the wellsite to the laboratory. It is best practice to have a trained employee accompany the core at all times, ensuring good communication between the wellsite and laboratory regarding delivery date and time.


Temperature-controlled core is one of the most critical aspects in the early stages of core acquisition. The RockVault is the preferred transport method for all land operations, both conventional and unconventional core samples. This unit is designed to maintain a constant temperature and is equipped with GPS tracking capabilities and impact monitoring.

Core transport box

The 4x4 container is the standard method of core transport for offshore operations. Each unit has foam inserts to cushion the core and rubber shock absorbers at the base to minimize any shocks while transferring the core in deepwater.


While core analysis is the basis of our business, we recognize that all samples have significant importance. It is not uncommon during the course of drilling a well, many valuable cuttings samples can be unaccounted for and subsequently lost. RockTrac was designed to give the operator a complete inventory of all samples that are created during drilling.

At Weatherford Labs, remarkable strides have been made in mastering all available services in regards to stabilization, sampling, testing, and safely shipping core of all types and sizes.