Organic Geochemical Analysis of Rocks


We reduce risks in petroleum exploration and development by using comprehensive geochemical tools to study the formation, migration and accumulation of petroleum, from source to reservoir.  Candidate source rocks are evaluated for their past, present or future potential to generate petroleum while reservoir formations are tested for the abundance and quality of the petroleum they contain.

Through our global network of laboratories, we offer a full spectrum of geochemical testing and interpretation services in the field of organic geochemistry. For source rocks these services include screening methods such as total organic carbon (TOC) for organic richness, and programmed pyrolysis for source potential.  More detailed information is obtained by vitrinite reflectance measurements to constrain thermal maturity, kinetics studies to determine rates and timing of petroleum generation, pyrolysis gas chromatography and kerogen maturation studies to characterize product distributions, and solvent extraction with subsequent biomarker analysis for studies such as oil-source rock correlation.  Similar recovery of petroleum from reservoir rocks can be used to monitor oil quality variations both vertically and laterally, oil-oil correlations, reservoir compartmentalization and production allocation. We also offer applied research capabilities in organic geochemistry.

Source Rock Geochemistry

Using proprietary instrumentation, geochemists at Weatherford Laboratories are able to evaluate rock fluid properties such as API gravity, viscosity, apparent water saturation, and bulk composition to identify pay zones. Thanks to the unmatched accuracy of these data, clients enjoy substantial cost savings by avoiding unnecessary completions, identifying bypassed pay zones, and improving wellsite decision-making. Our specialists also excel in determining reservoir continuity, basin modeling, evaluation of reservoir effects such as water washing and biodegradation, and oil quality assessment prior to well completion. 


Specific applications range from assessing the potential of a shale play to pinpointing the source of an oil spill and quantitatively allocating the production from multiple zones in a commingled production stream. We couple state-of-the-art technology, such as our proprietary Source Rock Analyzer (SRA), with a team of premier geoscientists and engineers to provide high-quality geochemical data and expert data interpretation. Available worldwide, our offerings include individual services and bundled packages.

Reducing exploration and development risk with advanced geochemical technologies and interpretive expertise.