Appraising the size, shape, and exact location of oil and gas reservoirs is both an art and a science.

The science is conducted in a series of precise laboratory tests that, taken together, minimize uncertainty and predict reservoir performance.

The art of appraisal can only come from experience in applying the scientific aspects of geology, which is an unsurpassed asset at Weatherford Laboratories.

Weatherford Laboratories sedimentologists offer custom-tailored solutions to help operators understand and characterize different lithofacies, traps and seals, and reservoir distribution. With this insight, our clients can make the best development decisions.

A core sample provides a wealth of information about the reservoir, everything from a more precise location of the most prolific formations to what kind of drilling, completion, and production challenges the operator might expect.

By incorporating information from core samples into reservoir models, we can work with the operator to help understand important parameters such as reservoir quality and continuity. This extends from one well to multi-well core projects, which allows us to develop predictive depositional models that provide the operator with better insight into  the location of untapped reservoir compartments and a better prediction of the best drilling locations.

Unsurpassed expertise in the art and science of reservoir appraisal.