Reservoir Fluid Analysis


Production and hydrocarbon transport costs are very expensive and require a clear understanding of how oils will behave when mobilized from their untapped formations.

Weatherford Laboratories has extensive experience working with conventional oils, volatile oil, gas condensate, and dry gas. This experience guides our decisions on the best production scenarios for the long-term viability of a well.

Any successful reservoir fluid analysis campaign hinges on the ability to collect sufficient volumes of high-quality, representative fluid samples.

In addition to samples for pressure-volume-temperature (PVT) analysis, adequate volumes must be collected for plant and process analyses, geochemical analysis for fluid-source identification, and crude assay for refinery processes. Weatherford Laboratories sampling protocols focus on obtaining clean and representative fluid samples from both downhole and the surface. The field operation’s layout and the operator’s analysis goals are carefully reviewed to select the appropriate sampling method and tools, as well as sound sampling, sample-transfer, and quality control procedures.
Weatherford Laboratories collects samples throughout the life of a well, as fluid analysis at different stages guides important decisions that optimize production and development planning.

Global Capabilities:

  • Surface/Downhole Sampling and Sample Transfer Services

  • PVT Analysis

  • Flow Assurance

  • EOR Testing

  • EOS Modeling

  • Live Fluid Preparation

  • Chromatography for Liquid and Gas Analysis

  • H2S Lab Capable to Handle 100% H2S

  • Conventional and Heavy Oil PVT Studies

  • Water Analysis

  • Sample Storage

Full-service fluid analysis has proven itself over the years as a robust and comprehensive tool to understand the character of the produced hydrocarbons over time and developing a field operations plan to optimize production.