Secure Web-Based Data Portal


Weatherford Laboratories provides its clients with a secure, Internet client portal that allows our customers to securely view and download images and data for each project.

As data is generated by the lab for each given project, our team of web publishers makes the data available to the client by posting it on our secure client website. Reports can be downloaded and photographic images, along with computerized tomography (CT) data (both videos and images), may be viewed directly from the portal.

Deliverables—reports, videos, and photography—can be loaded to an online project portal upon client request.

Each online project contains all of the requested data and reports for a particular job. The site is organized by core and test type.  Not only is data available for download, but various web views are also available for images and videos. 

Key advantages of the client website

  • Access data anytime, anywhere.
  • View images and videos via easy visualization tools.
  • Search and view project list.
  • Provide restricted access to only those personnell authorized to a particular job
  • Keep an off-site archival copy of your data

Quick and easy access to your data whenever you need it.